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Welding Smoke

weldingWelding, including manual, robotic, and spot, causes harmful smoke to form that can cause health issues for you and your employees, all while it deteriorates the life span of important machines such as robots, computers, and more.  Air filtration is a must to properly filter out the welding smoke and particulates out of the air to help clean the air to below OSHA standards.

Clean Air America is your one stop shop for all your welding smoke filtration needs.  From welding booths, to ducted systems featuring a smoke collector, to portable collectors, all of our welding smoke filtration based systems feature a cartridge filter based filtration unit that cleans the welding smoke in the air and returns it directly to the facility, drastically decreasing the cost of make up air and energy.  With units from the Clean Air BRAHM® Collector series ranging from 1 to 108 cartridges, to the simple and easy to move Clean Air Portable Fume Collector, Clean Air America has a variety of units that will fit your needs.  Our team is available to give you the best solution for your filtration project that is both effective and works within your budget.   Clean Air America offers the engineered products to give you the best results possible, at the best price on the market.





Clean Air WeldStation™ EVO™:  The WeldStation™ EVO™ is a self contained welding booth that requires no duct work or exhaust fans in order to draw welding smoke away.  Instead, a motor/blower and cartridge filters are mounted in the top of the unit to draw in the smoke, filter it, then return it to the facility.  Featuring a Low Energy Air Filtration configuration, these welding booths feature a VFD, Economizer, high efficiency lights, touchless HMI, and more to help you see energy savings of up to 70%.

Clean Air BRAHM® Collector Series:  Used for dust, welding smoke, laser cutting smoke, plasma cutting smoke, and more, the Clean Air BRAHM® Collector Series can be used in any project small or large and with a combination of other Clean Air products.  The Clean Air BRAHM® Collector is a key component of the Clean Air WeldCell (Robotic Welding Filtration), while it can also be combined with the Clean Air WeldBooth (ducted welding booths) or the Clean Air Hood to offer a complete turn-key solution for industrial air filtration.


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