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Laser Welding Smoke Removal

The Clean Air Laser WeldCell is an exclusive line of cartridge collectors engineered for the  high static conditions of production robotic laser welding. Designed specifically for laser robotic welding filtration, Clean Air Filters are engineered to effectively pulse off (clean) the welding smoke particles from the filter for an extended filter life. These systems utilize the power of a Clean Air BRAHM® Collector, giving you a powerful system that will effectively capture any welding smoke and filter the particles before returning it back to the facility. This smoke collector series is the most powerful and compact series on the market by taking advantage of backward incline blower wheels with direct drive energy efficient motors that are located inside the collector. Several models are available ranging from 1-108 cartridge systems (500-20,000 CFM). The collectors are built out of heavy gauge steel that will hold up to the rigorous environment of a 24/7 manufacturing facility.

The compact design of the Clean Air WeldCell robotic welding filtration system allows the unit to be mounted right beside or on top of the welding robot cell to optimize floor space.

The Clean Air BRAHM® Collectorseries of high performance smoke collectors comes in a variety of sizes and options. They range in size from our smallest collector, the BRAHM® S1 (portable, hanging, or stationary unit)  to our largest, the BRAHM® BC54.  These smoke collectors require a ducted system and are ideal for a variety of applications including; welding, grinding, plasma & laser cutting, sanding, mixing operations, blasting and many more. The Clean Air BRAHM® Collector series is a unique generation of cartridge collectors suitable for a wide variety of applications and superior to all other designs out on the market. It features a 50% better filter lifetime vs. other vertical style collectors and 75% better filter lifetime vs. horizontal designs. The Clean Air BRAHM® Collector series has the lowest overall TCO (total cost of ownership) on the market because of it’s increased filter life and low maintenance costs!


    • Crystal-clean air, even in high-production environments
    • Increased filter life with decreased can velocity and continuous live cleaning
    • Lower total cost of ownership with both energy savings on electricity, filter usage, and compressed air
    • Strong 10 & 12 gauge welded steel construction
    • Quick access filter door, motor and valve compartment door, and clamping system
    • Vertically-positioned filters with bottom-initiated pulsing
    • Plug and play connectivity

    Available options include:

    • Fire Suppression System
    • Weather-proofing applications
    • Flexible Bulk Container Holder designed to hold super sack (with stands over 36” tall)
    • Economizer to control automatic start/stop
    • Silencer for additional noise reduction
    • Maintenance platform for easy access to filters and maintenance points
    • Hopper or dust bin/trolley
    • Various height stands to elevate unit and provide additional floor space
    • EVP™ Controller Panel for pulse cleaning, maximum energy efficiency and Speed Pulsing
    • Bypass Sensor allows unit to detect filter bypass issues

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