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National Bus Seating Company chooses Clean Air America, Inc. in quest to Improve Working Conditions

SynTec Seating, located in High Point NC, believes in solving their customers’ needs with the most technically advanced, affordable, and maintenance-friendly seating solutions.  They strongly believe that to make this happen they must continually maintain and improve working conditions for their employees.

With a desire to improve air quality in the welding department while also not venting (and polluting) to the outside, SynTec contacted Clean Air America for proposed solutions for welding smoke removal.  Over a period of three years, Clean Air America has implemented custom-engineered solutions at robotic and manual welding stations inside the plant.

set-007The Clean Air America FlexiBooth™, designed to capture welding smoke in the lower portion of the booth, filter out the smoke and then return clean air to the facility, was the ideal solution for the manual welding stations at Syntec Seating.  The Clean Air Smart Collector™ series, a revolutionary down-flow collector designed with energy and efficiency in mind, fit seamlessly within the robotic welding section, where 8 units now run continuously.

SynTec is best known for providing the standard school bus seats found in thousands of Thomas Built Buses, and now they also provide high-quality clean air for their employees while simultaneously heating and cooling the facility at affordable rates.

Clean Air America prides itself on providing units that save on energy costs, thus creating a lower total cost of ownership and greater profit.  With over 20 years of proven designs and installations, Clean Air America is the clear choice for industrial ventilation solutions for manufacturing and vocational/educational facilities. Providing quality application specific solutions from welding smoke/fume, dust collection, and coolant mist, oil smoke, and oil mist processes. Clean Air America has designed these systems with exceptional quality, high-efficiency, and durability in mind to provide units that not only hold up to a 24/7 manufacturing environment but outperform competitor’s technology and conventional systems on the market.   For more information please visit, call 866.665.1829, or email


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