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Clean Air America, Inc. is recognized by global manufacturing companies as innovators and best-of-breed for high-tech welding booths, manual and robotic welding smoke removal, dust and high performance oil mist/smoke collectors.  Clean Air’s design, manufacturing and R&D teams continuously improve specialty units and total systems that literally eat up welding smoke, grinding dust, and oil mist.

Clean Air America Videos

Clean Air WeldStation™ LEAF



Clean Air BRAHM™ Cartridge Collector Series

BC4 – 4 cartridge collector BC8 – 8 cartridge collector BC12 – 12 cartridge collector
BC18 – 18 cartridge collector BC24 – 24 cartridge collector BC36 – 36 cartridge collector
BC54 – 54 cartridge collector

Clean Air WeldStation™ Series

WeldStation™ EVO™ Single

WeldStation™ EVO™ Dual

CAA WeldStation V-Econ specifications spec sheet small

WeldStation V-Econ

CAA Welding Booth Spec small

Adjustable Welding Booth

Clean Air ZeroMist™ Series

Zero Mist OM 600 spec 2016 small

OM 600 Spec

Zero Mist OM 1200 spec 2016 small

OM 1200 Spec

ZeroMist OM2400 Spec small

OM2400 Spec


OMC 600 Spec

Clean Air ZeroSmoke™ Series

Zero Smoke OS 600 spec 2016 SMALL

OS 600 Spec

Zero Mist OS 1200 2016 small

OS 1200 Spec

Zero Mist OS 1800 2016 small

OS 1800 Spec

CAA ZeroMist OS3600 Spec small

OS3600 Spec


OSC 300

Clean Air HighSmoke™ Series

CAA Zero HighSmoke 2400 Specs 2016 small

HighSmoke 2400 Specs

Clean Air Streamer™ Series

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