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Welding Smoke Removal for Training Labs

Clean Air America, Inc. sets the standard by providing the most efficient
weld smoke filtration equipment at the best value available.

Our products, prices, service, and results…. you won’t find anything better.


When it comes to capturing weld smoke in an Educational setting, Clean Air America, Inc. provides the ultimate solution. Our world-renowned WeldStation™ Series protects staff and students better than anything available in the marketplace today.  Colleges, Technical Schools, and Trade Unions love the flexibility as there is no duct work to deal with.  Welding Instructors love our heavy-duty work table and lighting.  The self-contained air filtration solution eliminates the need to exhaust pollutants to the outside, which in turn saves valuable HVAC costs.


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Clean Air WeldStations™ are in service at more than 400 high schools, community colleges, universities, vocational schools, and training facilities in more than 40 states, including 10 of the 26 Technical Colleges in Tennessee, 11 of the 33 Colleges in Georgia, and over 30 educational facilities just in North & South Carolina.

In addition to the WeldStation™, we also offer Down Draft Tables, Portable Fume Collectors, Clean Air Fume Arms, ducted systems using the DFC range of collectors, and even tools such as weld curtain stands, positioners, etc. We have the solution that fits your needs.  Auto Body/Collision, Diesel and Heavy Equipment training labs use a variety of Clean Air America products, including our DFX air cleaning systems for bondo dust capture.


Our solutions are trusted by these prestigious facilities:
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