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Clean Air Hoods™ & Hood Systems

Modular, Simple and Flexible Hood and Duct Solutions

  • The Clean Air Hood™ System is modular hood system designed to be efficient and cost effective, yet innovative in design. It consists of a bolt-together panel system with a transparent polycarbonate or sheet metal top.
  • Simple installation: By using standard components, the Clean Air Hood system can be simply installed or modified to fit welding station or production lines.
  • Modular Design: Modifications are easy due to the modular panel design. A hood may be simply expanded and all the components may be re-used.
  • Transparent top lets light in: A transparent, polycarbonate top allows light in to the enclosure. This eliminates the need for additional operator lighting in the enclosure.
  • Powder Coated Panels: The Clean Air Hood System is powder-coated for durability. This keeps the system looking new for the life of the product.
  • Lower Cost Shipping: The entire Clean Air Hood can be shipped LTL, making transport much easier than the traditional hoods, which often require large flatbed trucks.
  • Large Sizes Possible: The Clean Air Hood System may be constructed in almost any size. Hoods up to 300’ long have been installed.

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clean-air-america-hoods-and-dfc-48-cartridge-collectors-at-an-atv-facility-for-manual-welding-smoke-removalAvailable Options:

  • Additional light
  • Slots in hoods to allow crane movement
  • Spark Arrestor Technology

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