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ZeroMist™ System for Coolant Mist Removal

app-spotlight-for-zeromist-webA prominent southeast auto parts manufacturer selected the Clean Air ZeroMist stacked coalescing fiber bed filter system as their solution to coolant mist from (22) CNC machining centers.

The customer manufactures automotive components for a major auto maker and required a mist collection system that would withstand continuous production without downtime.  Several vendors were considered in the initial evaluation.  The systems that were initially evaluated by the customer included units that required manual maintenance, offline draining, and frequent filter changes.  This did not match up their operational requirements and the customer sought out an additional proposal from to better suit their needs.

Clean Air America, Inc. was then consulted to prepare a proposal with a system that was capable of ventilation of several machines at one time with a centralized ductwork system.  The unit had to be capable of mounting on a custom fabricated mezzanine and serviceable with maximum filter life.  The plant objective was to maintain an air quality that met an oil mist standard well below 1.0 mg/m3, one to three year filter life, maintained airflow throughout operation, and online draining for coolant reclaim.

Clean Air America, Inc. proposed two (2) customized central ZeroMist™ Model OM-7200 which is capable of providing 7,200CFM each with a single housing that each includes (6) coalescing first stage fiber bed filters, (6) coalescing second stage fiber bed filters, (6) HEPA safety filters, full set of pressure gauges for each filter stage, a set of backward inclined blower wheels (with wheel & cone configuration) and 20HP TEFC energy efficient direct drive motors.  VFD controls were also selected for additional energy savings and programmed for slow accelerated start & stops, pressure drop adjustments, and mated with a Dwyer pressure sensor. Additional provisions on this system included an automatic pump back system with motor, float controls, and holding tank that allows the collected coolant to be drained back to the centralized coolant filtration system.  The custom unit was coordinated with the customer’s designed mezzanine for adequate service access and placement that minimized valuable production floor space.  The ductwork design had to be within accordance with SMACNA and ACGIH standards to a tapered, balanced, and liquid-tight design with a slight slope to allow for drainage during shut-down period back into the mist collector inlet plenum.

app-spotlight-for-zeromist-web-2The customer selected Clean Air America, Inc. as the vendor for the equipment and installation.  The final result yielded a fully automated mist collection system that was capable of reducing energy costs up to 50%, filter life averaging 2-3 years, continuous draining capabilities, and maintained airflow throughout operation to maintain a negative pressure in each CNC machining center, and equally important compliance for current & future oil mist regulations.

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