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Wrax Manufacturing


Wrax Manufacturing is a third-generation steel tuber with a specialty niche in the wire carrier market.  Wrax vertically integrated in 2021 and contacted Clean Air Industries with a challenging application for their first roll-forming tube mill.  The Wrax team noticed that during the winter months when the doors were closed, the facility would fill with a heavy smoke, steam, and oil plume, predominantly from the weld point and cooling trough on the tube mill.  The particulate had started to accumulate on the walls and rafters in the building and created a challenging operating environment.


After evaluating the particulate, Clean Air proposed a HighSmoke 2400 Oil Smoke Collector, specifically designed for the most challenging applications involving combinations of weld smoke, oils, and moisture-rich steam from the coolant.  The unit was designed with fiber bed technology as the primary filtration producing a coalescing effect for the bottom entry of the particulate – HEPA grade final filters keep the exhaust healthier than the air we normally breathe.  The unit was custom built with a pump installed in the catch basin with a connected drain line.  At the source point, a custom hood was mounted over the welding element as well as a custom cover built for the coolant trough and ducted into the system.  The results were immediate and on a recent site visit, the employees raved about the ability for the HighSmoke to keep their operating environment clean and safe.  Clean Air was proud to partner with Wrax during this stage of growth.  Cheers to Wrax for not forgetting about their greatest assets:  their employees.    

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