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Engineered Solutions for Industrial
and Educational Air Filtration

Used by some of the top manufacturing facilities and educational welding labs around the United States, Canada, Mexico,
and around the world to create crystal clean air in facilities all while saving on energy costs, Clean Air America, Inc.
specializes in engineered solutions for welding smoke, oil mist, dust removal, plasma and laser cutting, and more.
We are the manufacturer… our products, our prices, our service, our results….
you won’t find anything better on the market.

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I wanted to stop and take the time to Thank You all and including the ladies on the phones ( Sorry I do not have their e-mails )  in our time of need for HELPING our plant to get parts.

Also hope you understand why I asked you to stop everything you were doing and help me at that second but sometimes we get ourselves in those demands in the production world and I am sure you understand.

Please take it to heart that we needed what you did to cover our Company needs and the Ladies in your office did exactly what they said they would do to the minute ( JUST GREAT ) and it made things go better with all the excitement we had here going on at that time so we could deal with the production issues happening here.

Short and simple.   THANK YOU ALL- For Your professional Help!


Maintenance Supervisor
National Car Parts Manufacturer


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