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DFX and EBM Ambient Air Cleaning Systems by Clean Air Industries

Ambient Air Cleaners

Up to 6,000 CFM Airflow

Effective weld fume extraction and dust collection for your entire facility, using little to no floor space.

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Central Fume and Dust Collectors by Clean Air Industries

Central Collectors

Up to 40,500 CFM Airflow

Ruggedly designed for heavy-duty use, providing effective solutions for centralized fume and dust collection.

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Custom Hoods

Custom Extraction Hoods

Various Configurations

Customized extraction hoods built to your specifications. Can be suspended or mounted on legs.

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Amtech ATC Cyclone Dust Collectors by Clean Air Industries

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Up to 12,500 CFM Airflow

Ideal for the removal of high-volume and large dust particles. Lightens dust loading on baghouses or cartridge collectors

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Clean Air Industries 2X3 Portable Downdraft Table

2X3 Portable Downdraft Tables

1,200 CFM Airflow

The perfect solution if you’re looking for a quick and effective source capture weld fume extraction solution.

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Defender Downdraft Table Series by Clean Air Industries

Defender Downdraft Tables

Up to 9,000 CFM Airflow

Industrial, modular downdraft tables available in 4x3, 4x6, and 4x9 configurations with best in-class true face velocity and airflow.

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Amtech Environmental Booths by Clean Air Industries

Environmental Booths

Welding & Grinding

Durable and reliable, environmental booths are a self-contained, highly-customizable solution for welding, grinding, and more.

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Clean Air Industries P1200 Portable Weld Fume Extractor

Portable Fume Extractors

1,200 CFM Airflow

Outperforms competitive units with a draw distance of nearly two feet so you don’t need to constantly re-adjust placement.

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Clean Air Industries Fume Capture Arms

Fume Capture Arms

Multiple Sizes Available

Featuring anti-droop friction plates, and 360o movement on the swivel base and hood, positioning has never been easier.

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Hi-Vac Fume Extractors by Clean Air Industries

Hi-Vac Fume Extractors

450 CFM Airflow

An effective source capture system for fume extraction directly from your MIG gun without the need for secondary equipment.

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Discover ZeroMist Oil Mist Collectors by Clean Air Industries

Oil Mist Collectors

Up to 3,600 CFM Airflow

Featuring our coalescing fiber bed “catch and release” technology so you can recycle your coolants.

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Discover ZeroSmoke Oil Smoke Collectors by Clean Air Industries

Oil Smoke Collectors

Up to 2,400 CFM Airflow

Recommended for finer oil droplets. Featuring our coalescing fiber bed “catch and release” technology.

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Liberty Robotic Welding Cells by Clean Air Industries

Robotic Welding Cells

Up to 6,000+ CFM Airflow

The Liberty WeldCell Series is your compact robotic weld cell solution with some of the most advanced controls available.

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Bolt Together Welding Booths by Clean Air Industries

Bolt Together Welding Booths

Various Sizes Available

The industry standard in quality and performance for the educational weld fume extraction space.

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WeldStation Dual by Clean Air Industries


4,000 CFM Airflow

A dependable turnkey welding booth solution that requires no additional accessories or Fume Arms.

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