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Engineered Solutions for Industrial
and Educational Air Filtration

Used by some of the top manufacturing facilities and educational welding labs around the United States, Canada, Mexico,
and around the world to create crystal clean air in facilities all while saving on energy costs, Clean Air America, Inc.
specializes in engineered solutions for welding smoke, oil mist, dust removal, plasma and laser cutting, and more.
We are the manufacturer…
our products, our prices, our service, our results….
you won’t find anything better on the market.

We are open and running at full capacity. Reach out today to get on the schedule so your summer filtration projects are on target!




When things do not work as planned for critical events, nasty-grams are sent.  This message is purely intended to congratulate you and your team on stepping up to meet our critical schedules.  Your quick response and professional conduct over the past weekend brought us out of a very bad situation and allowed us to start into production as scheduled.  The speed and workmanship supplied by Clean Air America to finish the job was very much appreciated by myself and the rest of the team here.  It took me a grueling work week to finally get enough time to gather my thoughts, but I felt that it was important enough to take time and give credit where credit is due.  Thanks again!