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Fume Capture Arms

Fume Capture Arm from Clean Air Industries

Fume capture arms, also known as fume extraction arms or exhaust arms, are specialized devices used to remove and capture airborne contaminants, such as fumes, dust, and particulate matter, from industrial processes.

Fume capture arms are commonly used in a variety of industries, including welding, soldering, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and metal fabrication, where harmful fumes and particulates are generated.

Clean Air Industries offers hanging fume capture arms in various sizes to address the needs of your facility. Featuring an industrial swivel base, anti-droop friction plates, and a large 14″ diameter hood with 360o movement, positioning has never been easier.

Manufactured with rugged steel construction and durable external joints, these fume capture arms are designed to handle heavy-duty applications with ease.

Available Sizes

  • Length: 7′, 10′
  • Arm Diameter: 6″, 8″

Why Fume Capture Arms?

Fume capture arms help protect workers from exposure to hazardous airborne substances, such as toxic fumes, gases, and fine particles. By capturing and removing these contaminants at the source, they prevent inhalation, minimizing the risk of respiratory problems and other health issues.

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• Durable external joints
• Solid steel construction
• Smooth 360o movement for effortless positioning


• Source capture of harmful airborne contaminants
• Easy maintenance external articulation
• Easy to maneuver
• Compliant with OSHA guidelines for controlling weld fume and smoke


• Standard light kit
• LED light kit
• 7′ or 10′ length
• 6″ or 8″ arm diameter

Fume Capture Arms