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Amtech ADT Dust Collectors

Efficient, Compact Design for Continuous Airflow

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Crafted with Precision in the USA

Discover the epitome of efficiency in our compact design, tailored for uninterrupted operation. Seamlessly handle a vast spectrum of dust applications with the Amtech ADT Dust Collector Series by Clean Air Industries, ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 CFM.

Advanced Up-Flow System: Our unique design features vertically positioned filters, ensuring zero particulate re-entrainment. The result? Extended filter longevity and optimal performance.

Venturi Assist Excellence: Experience the pinnacle of reverse jet pulse cleaning. Our Venturi assist design not only enhances contaminant release but also prolongs filter life.

Unparalleled Filter Efficiency: Achieve a staggering 99.5% efficiency at 0.5 microns, ensuring the cleanest, safest environment.

Customized Filter Options: Tailor your experience with our diverse filter cartridge options. Whether you need fire retardant or washable spun board filters, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to Elevate Your Dust Management?

Reach out to our team of experts today and let us guide you to the perfect selection for your needs. Your next-level solution awaits.

Health and Safety

Health and safety issues are being taken very seriously by a growing number of companies as OSHA, International, and industry standards increase. Many large US manufacturers are planning ahead and adopting European exposure limits as a global standard for their entire company and are exceeding OSHA Standards.

To meet these standards companies must implement a highly efficient dust and fume filtration system to filter out the harmful particulate. 

The exposure limits these companies are targeting range from .02 – 1 mg/m3 depending on company policy, well below the 5 mg/m3 standard set by OSHA.

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• Deburring
Metal Grinding
• Sanding
Plasma Cutting
Laser Cutting
Thermal Spraying

Additional Features

• Carbon Steel Welded Construction 11 ga./14 ga.
• Base Unit Included Collector, Blower, Dust Tray & Digital Pulse Control
• 45 Degree Hopper with 14″ Collar & Leg Sets
• 55 Gallon Dust Drum & 14″ Drum Lid Kits
• Compressed Air Reverse Jet Pulse Cleaning Valves
• Turbo Digital Pulse Control & Cycle Down


• Effectively eliminates harmful dust and fumes from your environment
• Clean Air Industries offers turn-key installation
• Main filter life exceeds the industry standard
• Fully compliant with OSHA regulations
• American made with quick service and support when required
• Rugged construction designed for continuous airflow


• Silencers
• Inlets
• Metal Spark Baffle Prefilters
• HEPA or Safety Afterfilters
• Nanofiber Fire Retardant or Spunbond Media
• Fire Suppression Sprinkler Head(s) with Coupling (165°F) 1/2” NPT

Technical Specifications

Model Motor CFM Volts/Phase/Hz Amps Weight Width Height Depth Noise Filter Sequence
Amtech ADT-2 2 HP 1000 230, 460V/3/60Hz 5.4, 2.7 1300 lbs 51.38" 134.19" 44" 75 dBA @ 5' Fire Retardant 80/20 Cellulose/Polyester 30"x12.75"
99.5% @ 0.5 microns (2x)
Amtech ADT-4 3 HP 1500 230, 460V/3/60Hz 8, 4 1700 lbs 66.13" 137.19" 44" 75 dBA @ 5' Fire Retardant 80/20 Cellulose/Polyester 30"x12.75"
99.5% @ 0.5 microns (4x)
Amtech ADT-6 5 HP 3000 230, 460V/3/60Hz 12.4, 6.2 2100 lbs 68.13" 142.19" 44" 76 dBA @ 5' Fire Retardant 80/20 Cellulose/Polyester 30"x12.75"
99.5% @ 0.5 microns (6x)

Custom Designs & Engineered Solutions

Clean Air Industries offers engineered solutions to suit your specific application.  Everything from ceiling clearance, to floor space can affect what you need.  As we cut and weld everything in-house, we are able to accommodate your needs as required.

Amtech ADT Dust Collectors