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Manual Welding

Offering a wide range of units for manual welding smoke filtration, Clean Air America has a solution for your welding smoke filtration project no matter how large or small.  Systems as small and portable as the Down Draft Table and Portable Fume Collector, to the premier systems of the Clean Air WeldStation™ welding booths and the Clean Air BRAHM™ Collector Series give you a wide range of options when it comes to properly filtering out welding smoke in your facility.  Each system is designed to properly filter out the welding smoke efficiently enough to return the cleaned air back into the facility.




WeldStation LEAF, self-contained welding booth: The perfect solution for manual welding smoke filtration for production welding for parts smaller than 6′.  These completely self-contained welding booths are an all in one solution for welding smoke filtration since no duct work or extra collectors are needed.

Clean Air FlexiBooth: When you have larger parts of up to 11′, consider the Clean Air FlexiBooth that ranges in widths from 6′ to 12′ wide. This is the perfect solution for manual welding smoke filtration for large parts manufactures.

Engineered Solution When you need a solution that is unique to your facility, one of Clean Air’s custom engineered solutions is the go to source.  Our team of sales reps and engineers will work with you to get you a custom solution that will effectively filter out the welding smoke being created in your facility.

Fume Arms: Offered in 6″ and 8″ diameters and a variety of lengths, the Clean Air Fume Arm provides a clear through design to minimize turbulence and optimize CFM.  These units are can be used for welding smoke filtration in both the educational and industrial environment.

Clean Air Hoods
The Clean Air Hoods come in a variety of types such as Back Draft, Down Draft and Canopy. These hoods can be made to whatever size the application needs and can be made in a modular design so future expansion is easy to do.

Down Draft Tables The Clean Air Down Draft Tables are ideal choices when small parts are manually welded and grinded and the production level is not continuous.  These compact yet powerful units can be placed in almost any location and have caster wheels for easy movement.

Clean Air Portable Fume Arm: For temporary or maintenance welding applications the Clean Air Portable Fume Arm is easy to move to the desired location and the arm moved to the needed location.

General Air Filtration: When source capture is not a suitable solution because of overhead cranes, space issues, or other issues an ambient air cleaning system can be used in place of source capture.  Systems such as the Clean Air Streamer, DFX, and Push-Pull System can used to effectively clean the air by moving all of the air through a filtration system.

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