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Clean Air Industries

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Welding Education Solutions

Clean Air Industries is a leading innovator of air filtration products, engineered for environmental and economic excellence. In addition to providing solutions for large manufacturing environments, we have long been recognized as the industry standard for trade schools and welding labs across the country.

Our Clean Air solutions are broad and offer benefits of lower install costs, less maintenance, and low energy costs while improving morale and work environments by protecting students, teachers, and equipment from potentially hazardous contaminants.

Trusted by Hundreds of Welding Schools Across America

For over 30 years, Clean Air Industries has been the trusted choice of hundreds of schools and institutions across North America. We provide products and services of the highest quality, adhering to strict industry standards and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our equipment meets the most demanding requirements, and keeps students safe.

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Recommended Products

The WeldStation

WeldStationTM Dual

4,000 CFM Airflow

A turnkey welding booth solution for heavy-duty use. No additional accessories or fume arms are required.

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Bolt Together Welding Booths

Bolt Together Welding Booths

Various Sizes Available

The industry standard in quality and performance for the educational weld fume extraction space.

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DFX and EBM Ambient Air Cleaning Systems by Clean Air Industries

Ambient Air Cleaners

Up to 8,000 CFM Airflow

Effective weld fume extraction and dust collection for your entire facility, using little to no floor space.

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Clean Air America P1200 Portable Weld Fume Extractor

Portable Fume Extractors

1,200 CFM Airflow

Outperforms competitive units with a draw distance of nearly two feet so you don’t need to constantly re-adjust placement.

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2X3 Portable Downdraft Table

2X3 Portable Downdraft Table

1,200 CFM Airflow

The perfect solution when you need a quick and effective source capture weld fume extraction solution.

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Amtech Environmental Booths by Clean Air Industries

Environmental Booths

Welding & Grinding

Durable and reliable, environmental booths are a self-contained, highly-customizable solution for welding, grinding, and more.

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