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ZeroMist™ Oil Mist Collectors

Efficient Oil Mist Collection featuring our Coalescing Fiber Bed Technology

ZeroMist OMC600
ZeroMist OM1200
ZeroMist OM2400
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Designed for the safe capture of airborne mist generated from emulsions such as water-based coolants (approximately 95% water / 5% oil), the ZeroMist Series of Oil Mist Collectors protects workers and sensitive electronic equipment within your facility.

The basic concept of coalescing fiber beds is simple. The oil or emulsion wicks on tiny strands of fiber inside the filter (imagine water wicking on Gore-Tex) and coalesces into larger droplets. These droplets fall to the basin at the bottom of the unit and can be either drained or pumped out.

In simpler terms, the Clean Air Industries coalescing fiber bed is “catch and release” versus traditional oil mist collectors which are designed to catch and hold oil droplets. The result is an expectation of over a year of filter life and the ability to recycle your coolants.

Filter Life: The coalescing fiber bed technology allows for over a year of filter life in most applications from machining to tougher ones like cold heading or swiss turn.

Recycle Your Coolant: Because the oil mist is captured and released, you can re-use your coolant.

Clean Air: The final stage of filtration is a HEPA which is 99.97% efficient down to .3 microns (the width of a human hair is about 70 microns). The result is a conversion of your dense and oily mist into cleaner air than you are breathing right now.

Plant Cleanliness: The oil or coolant that escapes from your process needs to collect somewhere.  Usually it is on your walls, ceilings, and floors.  Proper collection and filtration will help you avoid unsafe conditions and maintain a clean environment you are proud to show off.

Health Effects: Coolants coming off machining processes are often sub-micron, the average width of a human hair is 70 microns.  The human body (your lungs) is not designed to filter sub-micron particulate, meaning these chemicals have easy access to your blood stream which can cause serious long term health effects.

Health and Safety

Health and safety issues are being taken very seriously by a growing number of companies as OSHA, International, and industry standards increase.

Many large US manufacturers are planning ahead and adopting European exposure limits as a global standard for their entire company and are exceeding OSHA Standards.

To meet these standards, companies must implement a highly efficient oil mist filtration system to filter out the particles.

The exposure limits these companies are targeting range from .02 – 1 mg/m3 depending on company policy, well below the 5 mg/m3 standard set by OSHA.

Older mist collector technology simply cannot provide these higher requirements and need a high tech and high efficiency unit to get reach these exposure limits.

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Grinding (water-based & synthetic coolants)
• Turning (water-based & synthetic coolants)
• PrintMilling (water-based & synthetic coolants)
Machining (water-based & synthetic coolants) with moderate spindle speeds
• Designed for 24/7 operations, these units have the longest filter life in the industry!


• Self-draining filters
• Optional VFD packages for energy savings
• Heavy-duty cabinet construction made in the USA
• Maximum coolant reclaim
• Customization with modular construction
• Custom control panel options include UL/CSA rated magnetic IEC/NEMA motor starter packages, VFD Smart Panels™ and optional PLC packages that allow for complete monitoring of voltage, amperage, filter conditions, alarm conditions, and additional parameters.


• Eliminates coolant mist (emulsion)
• With extremely low PM you can install and relax, checking gauges periodically
• Designed to work 24/7 even in high demand applications
• Simple and low cost to install
• Removes harmful particles including bacteria
• Main filter life can exceed 2 years
• Reuse separated oil
• Speeds up the production process
• Can be connected to several machines
• Reduces power consumption

Why the Clean Air ZeroMist™?

Oil mist collects on floors, walls, and machines creating a slippery, unsafe working area
• Oil mist is OSHA regulated, and is hazardous to one’s health
• The oil that drops from the filter can be reused
• Longest filter life (3-5 year average), meaning less filter changes vs other collection systems

Technical Specifications

Model Motor CFM Volts/Phase/Hz Amps Weight Width Height Depth Filter Sequence
ZeroMist OMC600 1.5 HP 600 208, 230, 460V/3/60
120, 208, 230V/1/60
8.3, 7.6, 3.8
23, 12.7, 11.6
600 lbs 31" 58" 37.38" Stage 1: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (1x)
Stage 2: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (1x)
Stage 3: HEPA H13, 99.995% Efficiency (1x)
ZeroMist OM1200 3.0 HP 1200 208, 230, 460V/3/60
120, 208, 230V/1/60
12.3, 11.2, 5.6
37, 20.4, 11.6
950 lbs 30.75" 101.25" 28.5" Stage 1: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (1x)
Stage 2: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (1x)
Stage 3: HEPA H13, 99.995% Efficiency (1x)
ZeroMist OM2400 5.0 HP 2400 208, 230, 460V/3/60
120, 208, 230V/1/60
18.4, 16.8, 8.4
59, NA, NA
1700 lbs 30.75" 107" 54.38" Stage 1: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (2x)
Stage 2: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (2x)
Stage 3: HEPA H13, 99.995% Efficiency (2x)
ZeroMist OM3600 10.0 HP 3600 208, 240, 460V/3/60
120, 208, 230V/1/60
32.5, 29.6, 14.8
NA, NA, 51.6
2100 lbs 27.75" 131.5" 80.75" Stage 1: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (3x)
Stage 2: Fiber Bed / Self-Draining Media (3x)
Stage 3: HEPA H13, 99.995% Efficiency (3x)

ZeroMist™ Oil Mist Collectors