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Brahm™ Hi-Vac Fume & Smoke Extraction

Automatic fume extraction from your MIG gun.

For MIG welding, the Clean Air Brahm Hi-Vac Fume Extraction System is the best solution available for safety and plant cleanliness. You will extract harmful fumes without need for secondary equipment that requires constant repositioning, or expensive ducted systems.  Your welders will get safety from the weld fume and see what they are doing much better, all just by using their light weight MIG gun. 

Seeing is believing, call us for a demo at your plant today.

Handsfree: Traditional source capture solutions typically involve a Fume Arm which the operator needs to move around to capture the fume.  The Hi-Vac captures the fume right at the MIG gun.

Performance: Most vacuum capture systems videos  show a horizontal inside corner.  This is because they lack the suction to capture in challenging applications like an 045 flux core vertical up, outside corner.  As you can see from the above video, the Hi-Vac can succeed in your most challenging environments.

Weight: MIG fume guns are not new technology.  However what is new is the development of lightweight guns.  Many of the newest MIG fume guns are lighter weight than standard MIG guns.  Reach out to our sales team for a demo so we can prove it to you.

Made in the USA: From cutting the steel to welding and powder coating, all Hi-Vacs are manufactured in our facility in Rome, Georgia.  The MIG Fume guns are imported from Germany.

Keep Your Lenses Clean: By using a MIG fume gun, you capture the fumes before they can reach your breathing zone.  Aside from the obvious advantage of not using you lungs as a weld fume filter, you can keep your lenses clean so you’re not having to constantly change and clean them.

Plant Cleanliness: Combined with ambient air cleaners you can keep your plant looking brand new, even a year later.  See our case study page here.

Heavy Duty Construction: 12-gauge powder coated steel construction.

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A comprehensive solution involving weld fume and plasma dust


– Manual Welding
– MIG Welding


– Handsfree weld fume extraction
– Complete extraction in the most challenging positions.
– Keep your lenses clean
– Light weight


– Eliminates dust and fume from your environment
– Removes harmful particles including bacteria
– Main filter life exceeds the industry standard
– Fire Suppression Available

Why the Clean Air Hi-VAC?

– Keep a clean work environment you’re proud to show your customers
– Attract top talent with a safe workspace
– American made with quick service and support when required
– Reliable units that have been pushing the industry standard forward for over 30 years.

Health and Safety

Health and safety issues are being taken very seriously by a growing number of companies as OSHA, International, and industry standards increase. Many large US manufacturers are planning ahead and adopting European exposure limits as a global standard for their entire company and are exceeding OSHA Standards. To meet these standards companies must implement a highly efficient dust and fume filtration system to filter out the harmful particulate.  The exposure limits these companies are targeting range from .02 – 1 mg/m3 depending on company policy, well below the 5 mg/m3 standard set by OSHA. 

Clean Hi-Vac


Custom Designs & Modular Configurations

Clean Air can modify units to fit your specific application.  Everything from ceiling clearance, to floor space can effect what you need.  As we cut and weld everything in-house, we are able to accommodate your needs as required.

Brahm™ Hi-Vac Fume & Smoke Extraction