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Clean Air America

7 Superior Drive, Rome, GA 30161


Vermeer Corporation, a manufacturer of utility installation equipment was opening a new facility in North Carolina and wanted to focus on cleanliness and worker safety. They had two processes which were of primary concern. Plasma cutting and manual welding (.045 flux core). Other source capture solutions had failed in the past and led to a noticeably dirty environment.


After reviewing several solutions, Vermeer Corporation chose to go with Abicor Binzel MIG Fume Guns supported by the Clean Air America Hi-Vac. This source capture solution was supported by ambient Clean Air America DFX industrial air cleaning units creating a race-track pattern overhead. A Brahm Collector was used on their CNC plasma table at a high capture velocity specified by Vermeer Corporation. As shown in the pictures below 6 months after beginning production operations, the lack of dirt and soot on the walls is very noticeable. This creates a safe environment and assists Vermeer Corporation in attracting top welders in their competitive employment environment.