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WeldStation™ EVO™ Welding Booths

The Clean Air WeldStation™ EVO™ is the tool you have been looking for to make your welding lab the best it can be! Now introducing the 5th generation, the WeldStation™ Series is the STANDARD for schools looking for great value and is being used in more than 400 teaching facilities all over the US including Vocational Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Union Training Facilities. The Clean Air WeldStation™ EVO™is built to last, having been in operation since the late ‘90’s and even used in manufacturing facilities that run 24/7 operations.

Clean Air WeldStation™ EVO™ Features and Benefits:
  • Easy to operate – plug in, connect to compressed air, and begin!
  • Filter lifetime exceeds industry standards by up to 50%
  • Quiet operation, very low noise level
  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to other industry welding smoke filtration booths
  • Completely self-contained (no duct work needed)
  • Flexible – moving the lab? Move the units.
  • LED Lighting
  • Now featuring 12” additional interior workspace with built-in riser
  • New HMI interface accessible from phone or tablet
  • Remote access allows monitoring multiple units at same time from one screen
  • Capable of sending email alerts based on filter change status

The Clean Air EVO™ Controller improves functionality, monitoring capabilities, and maintenance scheduling.

–> Very flexible – each WeldStation™ EVO™ has an individual panel, and one tablet or phone
is capable of running multiple machines.
–> Remote monitoring available via Ethernet, phone, computer, building monitoring system, or tablet.

The Clean Air WeldStation™ EVO™ welding booths are the ideal solution for any type of welding, grinding, or light hand plasma cutting.  These welding booths are the perfect way to keep your students or employees safe from the hazardous smoke associated with these applications by utilizing the ACGIH preferred backdraft filtration method.

The Clean Air WeldStation™ EVO™ welding booths are offered in a number of models including single and dual configurations (back-to-back or side-by-side).

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