A Heartfelt Tribute to Dave Baysek: A Journey of Passion and Legacy

As we approach the retirement of Dave Baysek on March 15, 2024, it’s only fitting to reflect on a career that has spanned decades, industries, and continents. Dave’s journey is not just a story of professional success but a testament to the impact of dedication, versatility, and passion.

Dave had initially planned to retire last year. However, the merger of Amtech into the Clean Air Industries fold compelled him to stay on, underscoring a profound dedication to a smooth transition, and ensuring the company’s continued success during this critical period.

As Dave steps into retirement, Jeff Miller will assume responsibility for Dave’s clients, guaranteeing a continuation of the exceptional service our customers have come to expect from Dave throughout the years.

Roots of Resilience and Innovation

Dave’s professional journey begins in the heart of industry, deeply rooted in the heritage of Pittsburgh Range and Steel. This company, where his father crafted jeep parts during WWII before pivoting back to stove manufacturing and becoming Trion in 1945, laid the groundwork for Dave’s future.

Dave joined Trion in 1951, building electronic cells. Dave’s father would go on to found Electro Air in 1953, where Dave joined him as a part-time employee, setting the stage for a remarkable career marked by resilience, innovation, and a profound passion for his work.

A Mosaic of Experiences

Dave’s professional path is a vibrant mosaic of experiences, each piece reflecting a different skill, a new challenge, or a leap of faith. From nurturing inner-city crops for $0.25 an hour, to launching his window-washing venture in Pittsburgh during his youth, Dave’s diverse roles across sectors showcase his adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1986, Dave’s career came full circle when he triumphantly returned to Trion, serving as its General Manager until 1994. His impactful tenure at Williamson, UAS, and his full-hearted dive into sales in 1994, highlight a career characterized by growth, learning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Re-emerging from retirement in 2002 to join Amtech, Dave found more than a job; he found a family. The culture of mutual respect, dedication, and the cherished long-term relationships he built there speak volumes of a man who values connections and community above all else. The thought of stepping away from such bonds is bittersweet, yet it opens the door to new adventures and opportunities for growth.

Life Beyond the Office

Dave’s zest for life extends well beyond his professional achievements. An avid golfer, he eagerly anticipates returning to the sport he loves after a 15-year hiatus. His passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates, his unforgettable appearances on American Bandstand in the 1950s, and his plans to pen a cookbook filled with cherished family recipes and his culinary creations, all paint the picture of a man whose interests and talents are as rich and varied as his career.

Embracing the Next Chapter

Dave’s narrative is a testament to the power of reinvention and the beauty of following one’s passions. From the manufacturing floors of Pittsburgh to the global stage of business innovation, Dave has left an indelible mark on the industry and those who’ve had the privilege of working alongside him. His work with Hyundai Heavy in Seoul, Korea, stands out as a beacon of his visionary approach and his ability to bridge cultures and business practices.

As we celebrate Dave’s transition into retirement, we’re not just commemorating the end of a career; we’re looking forward to the continuation of a life lived with purpose, passion, and a deep love for the simple joys—be it on the golf course, in the kitchen, or sharing stories and wisdom with friends and family.

Dave’s legacy is a reminder that our impact goes beyond our professional achievements; it’s woven into the lives we touch, the communities we build, and the passions we pursue with all our hearts. Here’s to Dave—a true inspiration, on and off the clock. He will be missed by all of us!

Please join us in celebrating Dave’s illustrious career and extending our warmest wishes for his continued success in all future endeavors.