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Clean Air ZeroMist™ Custom Design

Custom Design – Tailor-made Products & Solutions using ZeroMist™

Many of our customers already have existing oil mist filtration systems in place and approach us because the current system is not performing to the required level. Some discharge large quantities of oil mist into the surrounding environment, while others require regular maintenance, cleaning and/or filter changes.

In these instances, our engineers can design, produce and install a custom ZeroMist™ unit, which simply replaces the existing filtration body and retains much of the original surrounding system, such as the fan and ducting. This provides an extremely cost effective method of upgrading an older system.

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Complete Clean Air ZeroMist™ System

The ideal solution for a brand new facility or when retrofitting is not an option, we can provide a complete process ventilation system, in which Clean Air ZeroMist™ is an integral feature.

Depending on the individual requirement, we can design, produce and install banks of Clean Air ZeroMist™ units (integrated ZeroMist™ bodies with one common inlet and one common outlet) for airflows from 3,000 CFM (5,000 m³/h) to over 50,000 CFM (80,000 m³/h). We manage the project from initial design, through manufacture and installation, to final adjustments.

Optional Accessories to Clean Air ZeroMist™ Products

We provide a variety of peripheral equipment to ensure that your Clean Air Zero Mist™ unit or system is performing at the optimum level:

  • Clean Air Smart Panel™ (Variable Frequency Drives) – fitted to the electric motors to control the system pressure
  • Pressure Sensors – allow the system to automatically increase the pressure to the required level to take into account filter age
  • Oil Pump Box – to collect the accumulated oil from the Clean Air Zero Mist™ unit or system and pump it to where it is required



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