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Oil Mist Filtration Competitive Comparison

Competitive Comparison

The Clean Air ZeroMist™ coalescing fiber bed technology was designed to overcome inherent design flaws with competitive technologies.  Current conventional technologies of mist and smoke collection systems are not designed to handle modern CNC machining process demands with high-pressure coolant delivery, sub-micronic particulate generation, and realistic maintenance demands.  The Clean Air ZeroMist™  is an application-specific solutions that will overcome these deficiencies.

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Mechanical Filtration Systems

Mechanical filtration systems typically consists of a mesh pre-filter, metal impingement filter, and typical ASHRAE or MERV bag/envelope of cylindrical or square cartridge filters,  These systems are only 70 to 80% efficient on sub-micronic particulate and require a DOP or HEPA filter for the particulate that passes through their primary filter elements.  It is important to note that airflow diminishes rapidly with loading of the primary filter therefore, requiring frequent filter changes and excessive maintenance with disposal.

electrostatic precipitatorsElectrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators operate with low voltage power supplies that apply an electrostatic field to their collection components.  These systems are 95% efficient on sub-micronic particulate however, require an additional or tandem pass to handle additional process loads from high-speed machining or high-pressure coolant delivery.  The electrostatic precipitators require frequent maintenance and downtime for cleaning this technology is not well suited for modern facilities with cutbacks to maintenance staff and maintenance contracts.

Centrifugal or Stacked Disc Mist Collectors

Centrifugal mist collector or stacked disc separation collectors operate with rotational force with a direct drive motors and an impeller or a stack of polymer disc stacks.  They are limited to particulate over 1.0 micron and require an external HEPA or DOP filter for re-circulation.  The centrifugal mist collectors also require special pre-filtration for solid particulate to protect the impeller or stacked disc.  These systems are limited to machine tool sized applications and are limited in size and airflow for larger multiple installations.  The external HEPA or DOP filters require frequent changes and disposal on continuous duty manufacturing environments.

Clean Air ZeroMist™ Development

The advanced technology coalescing fiber bed filtration technology is designed to collect mist and smoke aerosols with maximum collection efficiency, minimal maintenance, and maximum reclaim of coolant or oils through a self-draining design.  The coalescing fiber beds create a wicking layer through a unique process that allows the fiber beds to keep the collected aerosol in a liquid state preventing evaporation and or bypass.  This technology allows for draining with the collector online and offline.

Packaged units include multiple coalescing fiber bed filters in series to allow for 99.97% collection efficiency, on particulate sub-micronic, prior to the final HEPA filter stage.  The HEPA filter is a standard H13 HEPA filter with 99.997% collection efficiency on particulate 0.3 micron. Due to the wicking and free draining effect of the fiber bed filters, airflow is maintained throughout operation.  The ZeroMist™ and ZeroSmoke™ units are also rated for airflow delivery at maximum saturation ensuring maximum efficiency.

The vertical and modular design allows for machine tool mounted units, central units for multiple machines, and larger central systems that can operate for an entire machining line.  Packaged units include direct drive dynamically balanced backward incline blower wheels with AMCA rated performance and energy efficient motors that are VFD duty rated.

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