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Women in Welding

February 9, 2016

When one thinks of “welding students,” many times the thought is not of men and women, but often just men.  However, Clean Air America’s customer, Tri-Rivers Career Center in Marion, OH, has four young women that are busily training for a future in professional welding, often thought of as a man’s world.


According to the Marion Star, out of 32 students enrolled in the welding program, there are 4 females in the class.  Their instructor, Obra Horn, explains, “these four young ladies come to school and work just as hard or harder than my boys in the program. Their willingness to learn and absorb all of the information that we give them has been incredible.  And their skill sets have improved so much."


Clean Air America specializes in the Clean Air WeldStation™, an air filtration solution designed to keep students and staff alike safe during the welding and training processes.  As welding machines emit welding smoke and grinding dust, it is critical to properly ventilate the air in the lab so students and instructors breathe clean air while working on the machines. Clean Air America’s WeldStation™ provides the functionality needed for a low cost solution. The high performance Clean Air America WeldStation™ comes in a single or dual model, accommodates back-to-back or side-to-side configuration, is environmentally friendly, saves on energy costs, and features a heavy-duty table and interior lighting.


“Our goal at Tri Rivers was to build a state of the art welding lab. Clean Air America and their WeldStation™s were the key components in accomplishing our goal. We now have a clean, modern, bright and most importantly, “hazard free” Welding Lab. The WeldStation™s are a fabulous product.”

-Tri Rivers Career


Two female students at Tri-Rivers each took a national certification test recently and are waiting for the results of the examination. They were both confident that they performed well on the test.  Clean Air America, Inc. is proud to be a part of this exciting training facility in Marion, OH.


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